Dear Readers,

One week ago, it was the full moon. I observed from one of the hotel Inwood Hotels the stars in the sky. I was fascinated by this satellite illuminating my night, escorted by stars that the light reverberated in the darkness. I felt small in front of this universe which offered itself to me. I didn’t know how many stars there were, if, at the time I was staring at them, they were shinning again. Wondering lots of questions, I was looking for a planetarium in Paris…


… And this is how, today, I went to the Cité des Sciences, to visit the planetarium and inform myself a little about those stars which lights my evenings.  I came in the building, ready to conquest the sky. I arrived in a big room with softened lights and full of inclined seats, a soft music accompanied me in the choice of my place. Putting myself in place, in a seat more than comfortable, I waited for 5 minutes before the lights came down, and the sound accompanying increased. A soft voice started to explain me the existence of the moon, and planets neighbours of ours, by showing with precise pictures, their place in the sky. This is, after, the topic of stars that we took up: how are they made? The view that we have from them? Then, the warm voice analysed the Milky Way, and the place of the solar system in this last.

At the end of the session, I went out of the room. I felt as if I was in a cocoon, again soothed by the softly voice and fantastic pictures that appeared in front of me. I didn’t know what to say, the voice instructed me about a field that I didn’t know. At least, not yet, because this day gave me the envy know more about the subject of astronomy.

I leave you, I return observe the sky from one of my favourite point of view in Paris: The hotels Inwood! Don’t forget, my dear friends, never renounce to instruction, as Pierre Desproges told it so well “An open minded is not a fracture of cranium”.

See you soon!