Dear readers,

One of my summer pleasures it’s to be able to enjoy the many gardens and walks offered by the city of Paris. It took a little time for me before I can appreciate the joys of a family walk. Through the travels and the miles driven around the globe, I learned about the charm and the multitudes of the styles of the gardens that shall be integral part of the national heritage.

There is probably a style that will put you in a dreamlike state, it can be the perfection and the classical tone of the French parks or, on the contrary, the wild aspect and the living painting side of English gardens. Or even the minimalist side and the sensibility with the symbolic forces of the japanese gardens passing through the curiosities and the total escape of the exotic parks.


If your parisian stay has a lack of green and nature, I advice you to have a detour by the Arab World Institute where you will have the hapiness to admire the exoticism of a Oriental garden. Orange trees, palm trees, roses and Jasmin, that is the ingredients of this unique place which will take you in far away countries. The fact that this achievement is ephemeral makes your visit  even more essential. Don’t hesitate to take possession of the place by tasting there a refreshing mint-tea with some delicious oriental cake pastries.

Because the art of living are for me the pillars of the french culture that I love so much. It seems to me to be indispensable to come resource myself as soon as I can in the etablishments of Inwood Hotels. Each hotel based on a art of living creates in me the daily inspiration necessary to my work of interior designer.

My dear readers, don’t forget that a walk can often be a moment of exchange, of reflection or a connecting moment with nature essential for our well-being.

See you soon,