Dear readers,

Over the years, I discover again and again the beautiful city of Paris. Discover new places allows me to renew my art and it is with a lot of patience and perseverance that I learnt to diversify my sources of inspiration.

Today, I rethink with some emotions at my first visit to the Palais de Tokyo. This day will be engraved in my memory forever because this showed me the way of architecture. On this sunny Wednesday, I decided to return to this cult place of parisian life, which holds many secrets. In fact, you have probably already walked the aisles and corridors of this Palais, but what about those underground ?


That’s the whole point of my expedition of the day : exploring new worlds, the world of urban artists ! With enthusiasm, I discovered incrementally the hidden corners of this Palais through the works of this building.

How to not be touched by this urban art, which is both inspired and breaking up with a more conventional art. Many paradox that today allows me to better understand the world around me. An ingenuity that inspires me and enables me to respond at an increasing demands of a clientele always more avid of exclusivity.

To end this beautiful day, I decided to have a tea in one of the Inwood Hotels properties to continue, with you, my thinking. My dear readers, I leave you to ponder on this thought : The paradox is a truth, a truth that each of us is inspired to be able to grow.

See you soon !