Dear Readers,

Younger, my best friend and I loved to walk, during our sunny Sunday, in the Palace of Versailles. We talked, during hours about what happened and, about kings and queens of France, followers… In brief, the court! We walked, gazed at, imagined. Between bursts of laugher and philosophic talks, time passed faster than we thought, and, years after years, our meets have become infrequent.

In this way, this year, we decided to meet each other in the Palais of Versailles, to discover, together, the show about the Musical Fountains. My friend heard good points of view about it and wanted to discover it. I accepted, always ready to make new discoveries.


Consequently, a Sunday of July we met up each other in front of the entry of the castle. Passed the emotions of our, we entered in Versailles, talking about the lasts news. My lasts projects, his wife, his work, my family… Slowly, we went toward to the sound of the music that we could detect. Arrived near the Bassin du Mirroir, water waved, my friend was impressed. We decided to keep going on to the Bosquet du theatre, to finish by the Bassin de Neptune. We talked, debated about what passed in front of us. However, I was a little bit disappointed. After reflection, I concluded that Versailles is, and will stay, one of the French jewel, but I wasn’t conquered by the show that I have been the witness. I can’t deny that, the water of the fountain, cradled by the rhythm of the music adds a kind of charm to the Versailles’s gardens. But, this charm is derisory compared to the architecture, perfectionism and technicity which composed the castle.

This is in one of the Inwood Hotels ‘establishment that this day ended. As usual, bursts of laugher and talks, time escapes from us and, finally, we have to separate each other, to meet up a next time.

Indeed, my dear readers, I leave you with my conclusion of this day, it means that, friendship warms the heart and protect from pains.

See you soon!