January marked the return of Inwood Hotels' annual inter-company Team Building! This event, anchored in our traditions, took place this year at the Sand Fabrik, an indoor beach located at the gates of Paris. It is feet in the sand and in sportswear, that all our teams met. Organized over two afternoons, our teams escaped for a well-deserved "winter break" after this busy end-of-year period! It was an opportunity to bring together recently arrived employees and familiar faces...

Before competing in fun and sports Olympiads, our Lovers shared a buffet lunch. Beach volleyball, tug-of-war, obstacle course, but also musical blind test, each one surpassed himself to see his team winning!

"It was a moment out of time! Meeting the other teams during events like is always very pleasant!
Marie-Edvardine, Housekeeper of the Walt and Tourville

After some fierce duels, only two teams were able to take first place and win the prize offered for the occasion: a dinner at the Bayadère restaurant. Congratulations to the yellow and green teams for their victories! Thank you to all the participants for their involvement! We are writing our history together and look forward to sharing new moments of conviviality like this one!